Tried Amazon Polly to Speech WordPress. How is the flow?

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Voiced by Amazon Polly

I've configured Amazon polly on AWS to read WordPress blog posts aloud.

This is the original article.

Hm, it still feels like a machine voice. Equivalent to Alexa?

Below, the text being read aloud.

Good and bad things

In accordance with the three cold four temperatures, rainy days are mixed, hay fever around the mouth has become Niagara now,

How are you, everyone?

Nabe-chan has come to Tokai City Arts Theater to practice JMU special stage that has been talked about before 🎵

The rehearse room was prepared, but the large hall held a free classical concert for citizens (eighth) and touched the cultural side of the medium-sized city.

I envy ‼ Tokai Citizen ✨✨

He also practiced the second half of the game (third time).

Formal flyer is also finished, this practice, there was the first ✨ sound match with Ocarina who waited to wait.

The promise of Angkor ww was also dealt, and the pattern of the command was transferred from training to production specifications, and the feeling of finishing everywhere was to be seen.

Most of our group was absent without without having been a single practice day of the group, but some people (including me 🎵) who were in charge of recording or resting activities of this period have participated.

I love our forgiving meeting.

Speaking of tolerance, Sakai Kokusaku sensei.

As the beauty of our group Maestro, without coming to stab in the eye light, as well as indecisive maistro, without requiring 130% cress from Sforzando

He said only one thing good and one bad thing with a soft smile.

Slightly, or the volume is different from the sign, or the pace of the Cresdekle is ahead of the feeling, but with regard to the rhythm, so it does not become an ensemble without me, try.

The music is tolerant, while

There are some things I can't give up.

For example, you can use the

Love is a high degree of freedom, but with universal conditions.

Like to say.

Would you like to play a forgiving music with us Meets?

Search for “Meets Mandolin”.

Today at this ✨

It was Dora's nabe-chan.


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