Miscellaneous notes when using Amazon Web Service in the free tier

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When you create an EC2 instance, increase your storage volume to 30 GB of the EBS free tier. Amazon Linux 2 does not have a swap file by default, so create a swap file. Install lamp-mariadb10.2-php7.2=latest on amazon-linux-extras. yum install httpd. yum install mod_ssl. If you specify /home/hoge/www on VirtualHost and you see “Permission denied” in the error log, most of the causes are /home/hoge The permissions on the directory are not 775. If you use Amazon SES, you must first enable Postfix to ship mail locally. Then, when the authentication email arrives from SES, cat the Maildir/new file and copy and paste the authentication URL into the browser. After authentication, change the Postfix settings to be forwarded to SES. If you are distributing with CloudFront, make sure that your origin can be seen as http or https. If you use Redirect https, you may get angry with “TOO MUCH REDIRECT” from your browser later. Users that you create with RDS should have a private address for @以降のアドレスに EC2. Since memory is using swap files from around 92% usage, CloudWatch Agent is rebooted at 90%, WordPress or other big memory is temporarily large size, it takes to restart there, and 95% does not get that value in the first place. Is there a way to know how much space is available in the swap file? User rights are granted to wp.* in WordPress. It is not wpl.localhost. The CloudFront feature of AWS for WordPress is not particularly useful when it comes to multi-site.


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